Food at continens Airtight
  • Food at continens AirtightFood at continens Airtight

Food at continens Airtight

Lupum Airtight Food Repono Continens in Sina. JENSON® est Airtight Food Repono continens fabrica et elit in Sinis.

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JENSONFood at continens Airtightmanufacturer magna qualitas et rationabile pretium. Welcome to contact us.

Food at continens Airtight

Dimensio: 15×10×7cm,19.5×13×8cm,22.5×16×10cm

Materia: PP plastic

Color: rosea, caerulea

Pondus: 110g, 178g, 223g

Facultas: 600ML, 1.2L,2.1L


BPA Free: Sic

Proin Tutus: Etiam

Rec tutum: Sic

Airtight: Sic

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